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Classmates We Can’t Find

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Here is a list of classmates we either cannot find, or cannot verify their information. If you have any contact information for these classmates, PLEASE email us at so that we can invite them to the reunion. We really appreciate any help you can give!
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VHS CLASS OF 2000 10-yr Reunion: Payment Deadline!

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Hi Everyone!

We’ve decided to NOT raise the ticket prices after the 28th. We debated this a lot, and we finally decided that, in spite of the added of costs incurred to us by late ticket sales, we really don’t want to make this event anymore cost prohibitive to you.

However we still would ask you to buy your tickets as soon as possible. The later ticket sales go, the more of a burden it is on the organizers. As a final note, ticket sales will not be available at the door. You must purchase your tickets beforehand. The last day to purchase tickets (and I mean the LAST day) is August 10th.

I had previously said that the deadline for buying tickets to the reunion was July 24th (today!) but I am extending the deadline till Wednesday, July 28th.

Now, you will still be able to purchase the tickets after the 24th. You can buy tickets up to the day of the event. But, the price of the tickets will be slightly higher after the 28th. Tickets are $38 a person (with a small discount if you buy 2 together).

You can buy your tickets at the following link: BUY TICKETS

Can’t wait to see you all there! Email me with any questions. Thanks!


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